Window 10 :Next Microsoft Update Will Charge Users Huge Internet Data

Microsoft was in a lot of criticism for its automatic Window 10 Updates, Users complaints about the annoying notifications and automatic downloads being interrupting their work.

After the huge criticism, Microsoft has given some control over the automatic updates to the users by declaring their connection as “Metered”- means restricted by a data limit.

As this feature enables users to keep data charges in control.

But now Microsoft is taking U-turn to the old automatic updates in his new Creator Update which is excepted to release next month.

According to the reports,” Available updates will be downloaded and install automatically, except over the metred connection, where the charge may apply.

However, Microsoft has changed the Update setting section in the latest Window 10 Creators Update Insider Preview Build 15058.

If you go to Windows Settings>Update & security>Windows Update. Just below the Update Setting header you will see the downloading updates on the metered connections.

Window 10:Next Microsoft Update Will Charge Users Huge Internet Data

Microsoft spokesperons on the automatic update:

“We don’t plan to send large updates over metered connections, but could use this for critical fixes if needed in the future.”

The latest preview will automatically download and install updates, except on the metered connections. In that case, only those updates will be automatically downloaded which required keeping Windows running smoothly.

Window 10 metered connections in Window 10 has been widely used and share method to control the automatic download and installation of Window Update, and ofcourse which is necessary or you can say mandatory on the Window 10 Home SKU Operating system.

First discovered by WinSuperSite, Window 10 users on metered connections will no longer able to stop the updates from downloading automatically, potentially increasing their data usage and data charges.

Is this is neccessary. What you all think on this new update going to be released next month by Microsoft in Window 10.

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