Microsoft Confirmed,

Great news for Window 10 Mobile users your phone will become more powerful as Microsoft has announced Window 10 Creator Update to mobile devices soon after its PC release.

Window 10 Creators Update is set to arrive on PC and other devices in April 2017.

Microsoft told Softpedia that the release will be coming soon after the initial rollout, saying, “The initial update will be for desktop, but other versions will be available thereafter.

Many rumours were all around of launch of Creators Update on Window 10 mobile users but now for the first time, it is confirmed by the Tech giant.

Features Of This New Update

Creator Update is mostly built for PC user’s but at the same time, it will be very handy for mobile user’s too.

Creators Update is set to bring a huge number of improvements for users.

  • Creator Update includes Continuum features, which allow users to work across multiple Window 10 devices, whether mobile, tablet or PC.
  • Creator Update also includes improvement in Microsoft Edge browser and in Wi-Fi support.
  • Microsoft also revealed a new enhanced voice assistant Cortana for the Window 10 Creator update.
  • Microsoft changed the colour of Cortana on the taskbar after following feedback of users, Now Microsoft is reverting Cortana colour to its original greyish hue.
  • “Pick up where you left off” is the new features Microsoft introduced in its Creator Update. Now Window 10 will show any files, websites, or apps you’ve been using In Microsoft Edge using Cortana, rather than the Action Centre. This means files will be accessed quickly where you previously left off.

Tech giant, Microsoft is doing its final preparation for the release of Window 10 Creator Update.

Microsoft has struggled lot these days as Android and iOS dominate the global software market.

Gartner published an analyst figure that shows Microsoft’s share of the global mobile market is sunk to 0.3 per cent worldwide.

Hope Creator Update will boost Microsoft global market share.

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