iOS 11 Rumored Screenshot Alert Featured Created Panic Among iPhone Users

Apple iOS 11 operating system is likely going to unveil at the WWDC in the summer.

Apple, The tech giant has already revealed its yearly developer’s conference which will take in San Jose from June 5th, 2017.

Apple is going to unveil exciting features in iPhone, iPad and Mac during the keynote.

It is not known much what specifications the tech giant is going to unveil at the conference but a rumour about a new feature known as Screenshot alert is in news this day and it seems that iPhone fans are not liking the new feature much.

What is ScreenShot Alert in iOS 11 OS?

It will tell users when anyone takes the screenshot of an iMessage Chat.

Since the rumour appeared, Twitter is burning up with some iPhone fans threatening to quit the platform if Screenshot Alert becomes a reality.

One of the fans posted,”If iOS 11 really goes ahead with screenshot alerts than I’m officially DONE iPhones.”

Another fan posted,”If iOS 11 going to have screenshot notifications for iMessage I’m switching to Android.”

There is no official release if Apple will introduce this new feature in its new iOS 11 operating system but other platforms including, Snapchat and Instagram offer the Screenshot alert.

Instagram Offers Screenshot Alert.

Last year after the reports in Instagram that users would be notified when a screenshot was taken of any their photos.

After the huge panic among users, Instagram quoted that the notifications are only sent if a screenshot is taken of a disappearing photo or video, sent directly to another user.

iOS 10 rolled out in the last September with changes to Messages, Maps and Apple Music all included in the update.

Let’s see what new features will be added by tech giant in its new iOS 11 operating system.

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Do you have any news about new iOS 11 operating system, share with us.

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