Instagram Now Allows To Add Multiple Photos And Videos

Nowadays Instagram’s new updates seem similar to Facebook.Instagram lovers can now add multiple photos or videos in one post(up to 10 photos or videos). Now you will no longer have to upload 10 pics and vids one by one.

While uploading new pics or videos you’ll see the new icon that’ll let you post multiple pics or videos at a time. Even you can customise the order in which your pics shows up, tap and hold the new icon in order to change, edit them at once apply filters to each pic at a time. This new feature of Instagram saves time.

Instagram says that these posts will have an only single caption and are square-only for now, but we hope for non-square posts will be added in the future soon.

Instagram Now Allows To Add Multiple Photos And Videos

If you haven’t get this update then you need to update Instagram from play store.

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