Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India

Hyperloop is the new concept and transportation technology developed by SpaceX Company which is a roadway transport that can be used to transport passengers and cargos at the speed of airways or more. It’s speed is estimated to be 1200 Km/hr but at a cost less than the cost of airways.

It consists of massive tubes joined together to different locations and it consists of a pod that can accelerate and decelerate and moves within the tube. For enhancement of its speed the inner  part of the tube is vacuumed so that the building of pressure near the pod can be avoided.

Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India
Hyperloop tubes


Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India
Design of hyperloop pod

What is the need

Since we live in the era where travelling is necessary for earning livelihood and for enjoyment and is affected by distance and time and from ages, people have tried to overcome the barriers of distance and time and for that there has been evolution in the transport. The railways, roadways, airways and seaways have overcomed the barriers to great extent and have become a part of our lives but they are expensive, slow and harmful. The emission of gases from the vehicles damages our environment. According to surveys, more deaths occur through road, train and plane accidents in a year. Travelling to moderate distances through supersonic speed is not feasible and economical. So, Hyperloop is the solution to these problems because it is feasible to travel at moderate distances and we can reach our destination on time. It runs on electric and solar energy through solar panels fitted above the tube that’s why it is eco friendly and also it is isolated inside the tubes from the outside world so it is less prone to accidents.

Working of hyperloop

Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India
Structure of the hyperloop pod

Hyperloop consist of tubes with low pressure and a pod that can move at fast and slow speeds throughout the length of the tube. The pod is supported on a cushion of air which will provide aerodynamic lift. It is accelerated through a magnetic linear accelerator fixed at various stations and a rotor fixed at the pod. The passengers will be received and see off at the Hyperloop stations built at different locations. The Hyperloop uses cushion of air and moving with a speed of 1200 km/hr will build a possibility of building up of air pressure at the nose of the pod so, to reduce that the pod has air compressor that will capture the air in the tube and compress it and it will force the air to the holes in the skis attached at the bottom of the pod and also a compressor fan to force the air at neck to move to the rear of the pod. For providing speed and acceleration there are linear motors fitted at 70 miles from each other which will provide acceleration and deceleration and even stop the pod at the end of the trip. The tube has solar panels fitted above it to provide power and energy to drive the motors.

Also it has a mechanism to stand up from earthquakes and thermal expansion. The tube will be supported by pylons and two adjustable lateral dampers which will make the tube not rigidly fixed to the ground, which will absorb the shockwaves generated by the movement and the system will not shatter and the stable position of the dampers could be adjusted with the changing land positions and the end stations would have telescopic tubes to deal with the change in length of the tube.

Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India

Features of the Hyperloop

  • It is fast and economic
  • It is environment friendly because it uses solar, wind and electrical energy for power
  • It is less prone to accidents because it is an isolated system and has no contact with the outer world
  • If a car covers a particular distance in six hours then the hypeloop will cover it in 30-35 minutes.
  • Its ticket fair is similar to bus ticket
  • It has a speed of jet planes and travels more faster than airplanes
  • It is able to stand up against natural phenomena and disasters like earthquakes and thermal expansion and changes in land position.
    Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India
    Hyperloop has a speed of 1200 km/hr

    It is a fifth generation transportation technology whose projects has started or is undercover in countries like India, Nevada, USA etc. With this technology we can cover large distances within an hour but at the price of travelling through a bus.

    Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India

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