Google E2EMail, An End-to-End Encrypted Mail System Goes Open-Source

Google has announced E2Email, an end-to-end encryption mail system, has now been given to the open source community which is now in the experimental stage.

End-to-end encryption is viewed as a method to prevent, government surveillance, spying, man-in-the-middle(MiMT) attack.

End-to-end encryption helps in keeping communications as secure and private as possible.

There are only some service providers that provide end-to-end encryption, PGP is best known.

PGP raised due former NSA contractor Edwards Snowden revealed about the mass spying of the US government and due to this end-to-end encryption came in popularity and thereafter so many service providers started to offers end-to-end encryption, including proton mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Signal.

However, end-to-end encryption is yet to reach to larger audience.

Google engineers KB Sriram, Eduardo Vela Nava, and Stephan Somoyogi said in a blog post that as part of tech giant’s end-to-end research efforts, E2EMail is going to open-source.

Google E2EMail, An End-to-End Encrypted Mail System Goes Open-Source

E2EMail is Built on JavaScript library developed by Google, E2EMail also offers to integrate OpenPGP into Gmail via a chrome Extension, this makes every message cleartext on the client side.

Google also said that E2EMail is not a Google product, but thanks to security engineer efforts. It is now a “fully community open source projects”.

Google also published key transparency “Security Through Transparency” earlier this month, and may improve the security of the service in future.

According to Google engineers,”Key discovery and distribution lie at the heart of the usability challenges that OpenGDP implementations have faced.

“Key Transparency delivers a solid, scalable, and practical solution, replacing the problematic web-of-trust model traditionally used with PGP”.

The team also added.” We are working with the community to integrate E2EMail with the Key Transparency server, and beyond.

You can check out E2EMail repository on GitHub.

Google earlier announced,”Upspin” project to the open-source community.

Upspin is a project to build the framework for sharing files and other data securely, uniformly and globally. It is a set of protocols and that can be used to join file system and other storage services to the name globally.

You can get more information about Upspin Here.

So programmers start digging into it. Share your thoughts about the step taken by Google.

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