Latest Tech News, Hacking News, Cyber Security News, Science News, And Gadgets News

Latest Tech News, Hacking News, Cyber Security News, Science News, And Gadgets News

Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Subhojit Chakravorty


New Programmable RNA Nanoparticle Vaccine Discovered By MIT

The researchers in MIT discovered a new vaccine that is made up of programmable RNA nanoparticles to fight against the Zika virus. In one of...

Hyperloop One: The Fastest Transport Is To Come In India

Hyperloop is the new concept and transportation technology developed by SpaceX Company which is a roadway transport that can be used to transport passengers...

Scientists Store A Movie, A Computer OS And A Virus Inside...

The days of storing your data in your CDs and Pen drives are gone and this is the future DNA Storage. In the recent years,...

The Strongest Material Newly Discovered By MIT

We all know that graphene is the strongest material existing on this planet and it is stronger than steel but converting 2-D graphene into...

How To Become A Hacker – Guide

Want To Become An Ethical Hacker. These days most of you are aware of hacking and its effects, In general word, Hacking means getting unauthorised access...

The Latest Engineered System X5 Developed By Oracle

Oracle chairman Larry Ellison revealed its Oracle’s fifth generation engineering technology X5 that is already out to compete with Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat and...

Rooting Your Android Device Using KingoRoot – Full Tutorial

Rooting Your Android Devices Tutorial. Fast, Simple And Without Any Risks. In the earlier post “Wanna Disable New WhatsApp Status Feature, We’ll Tell You How”...

5 Tips And Tricks To Optimize Your PC’s Performance

Here are 5 ways to increase your computer’s performance 1.Increase Your Processor’s Speed- Go to run window and type “prefetch” or “%temp%” and press enter...

Record Breaking Discovery Of 7 Exoplanets By The NASA

NASA telescope discovered some 7 exoplanets that are far from the solar system in the constellation Aquarius and it is about 40 light years...

Revealing Deep Web And Dark Web

Today everyone has access to the internet and everyone uses it but there is something hidden and secret about the internet that covers the...

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