Latest Tech News, Hacking News, Cyber Security News, Science News, And Gadgets News

Latest Tech News, Hacking News, Cyber Security News, Science News, And Gadgets News

Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Apoorv Srivastava

Microsoft To Close CodePlex Open Source Project Site

In the end of this year, Microsoft will close its CodePlex Open Source Project site. CodePlex was launched in 2006 when Microsoft was looking...

Google Makes Easier To Transfer Data To Google Cloud

At Google's Cloud Next conference, the company announced a list of new tools to assist its users with integration and data preparation, this update...

Microsoft Launched Visual Studio 2017 For Public Download

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017, a new version of Microsoft's IDE. Visual Studio 2017 brings support for non-Windows OS that let developers build mobile...

Microsoft Is About To Close Its Social Networking Platform On March...

Socl is/was a social networking site that allows users to collect, create or share things you love. It includes rich visual collages to short...

Samsung Launches Its Payment App “Samsung Pay” In India

The Korean Brand Samsung had entered into India's payments market last month, but now it supports banks HDFC, Axis, SBI, ICICI and SC (Standard...

Social Networking Giant Facebook Is Finally Testing Dislike Button

Social networking giant Facebook is finally testing dislike button, the company is testing this feature in its Messenger app, rather than adding it to...

Some Sci-fi Gadgets That Really Exist

Nowadays technologies are becoming more powerful than our imagination. In celebration of National Science Day on 28th February here is the list of some...

Verizon Announces Test Program For 5G

Previously 5G networks are expected to be coming in 2020, but now Verizon is taking another step and announced that they would launch the...

Wanna Disable New WhatsApp Status Feature, We’ll Tell You How

This Trick Works Only With Rooted Android Devices This post is for those who are not liking the new WhatsApp Status Feature, so here are...

WhatsApp Copies Snapchat’s Disappearing Stories Feature, But Still Looks Awesome

Facebook Owned WhatsApp has launched a new feature which let users share photos and videos by just putting them in status with their contacts....

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