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About Us


We took an initiative to launch our website www.techposts.net that was created and founded on February 4, 2017, by Abhishek Singh, Apoorv Srivastava and Ashish Kumar Singh with a vision to update and aware people about the present and upcoming technologies in different areas and we are feeling proud and happy to get good responses and support from people and visitors to our website.

TechPosts.net Is An Innovative Online Platform Helping In Creating Awareness In The Field Of Technology, Security, Privacy, Cyber Attacks, Science, Coding, Tutorials And Helps In Securing.

TechPosts is a result of lots of efforts and hard work put up by three of us. The reason behind the creation of this website was, that many people face problems due to lack of knowledge in technical areas and often we are deceived by online world frauds and won’t get the appropriate results or answer for what we search.

So, we thought that why should we not create a website, where anyone will able to find relevant information about the topic when needed instead of going through different websites and searching all around wasting their precious time. TechPosts gives daily updates, latest tech news, hacking news, hacker news, cyber security news, tutorials, coding solutions, gadgets news, Bitcoin news and more. A post or category can be added in demand, and from here the site got its vision and took its shape and this is the power of TechPosts.

We thank you all for supporting us and being a part of this journey and shower all your blessings and please suggest this website to your friends and relatives because we believe that this is the website “Where Technology Happens”.

Anyone can be our part in bringing technology revolution by submitting and sharing their own content and knowledge with us because we know everyone has potential to change this world by their knowledge, efforts, and support and help us in building relation. You can submit your article here.

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